The Dark Lord and Lady

by Moon SpiritWolf

Hades. Kali. Tiamat. Hecate. The Morrigan. Sekhmet. Ares.

The Underworld. Destruction. Despair. Revenge. War. Dark Magick. Death.

It's odd how some people approach the darker side of the Goddess and God. A few (and I don't think it's very wise to do this) automatically assume that these energies can be easily controlled. Others have a fear of what these deities represent and that gets in their way. People like this should try and gain an deeper understanding of the Dark Lord and Lady.

Understanding the dark gods is an essential part of our spiritual growth. In order to really know ourselves and gain insight to life's mysteries,we need to take a trip to the dark side of the moon. Understanding the darker aspects of the divine helps us to maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

Keep in mind that the Dark Lord and Lady command respect. When communing with these deities you have to know what it is you want and you need to be strong. Be prepared for what these dark gods can and will do. Always remember that they need to be treated with the greatest amount of respect.

This is a meditation that should be done around or on the night of the dark moon.Choose whichever deity your tradition works with. (It's a great idea to research the god or goddess or your choice before working with them.) You will need a hooded robe or a dark cloth to wear over your head. Suggested incense:sandalwood (or patchouly,sage)
Music suggested: slow and heavy or with a steady drumbeat
If you choose not to use music try this chant:

Ruler of the Dark Moon
I seek your guidance
In this sacred space
In this sacred time.

Chant it over and over as you begin your body and mind relax. Let yourself sink down into the darkness. Slowly sink down deeper into yourself.

Visualize yourself standing before an entrance to a cavelike dwelling. Next to this entrance is a tall hooded guardian.
The guardian speaks to you: "Do not fear. You may enter if you have a purpose."
Think about what it is you want changed or want revealed. When you are ready step into the dark entrance.
Inside there is a staircase that spirals downward. You begin down them,your steps lit by candles all the way down.
The bottom opens into a large room. In the center of this room,hovering above the floor is a huge throne made of bone. Sitting on this throne is a powerful hooded figure. You can feel the power that reaches out in waves from this being. This is the Dark One. This deity may or may not remove the hood,but this god/dess will as you why you've come. You must then tell your reason. And only that. The dark god/dess will handle the situation as He/She sees fit.
You may be shown images or symbols that have special meaning for you so pay attention.
When it is time,thank the god/dess and return the way you came. Do not look back.Trust that you will receive and answer to your need. It's likely that you'll get a gentle push that will send you floating effortlessly up the spiral staircase and back into physical consciousness.
Take a few deep breaths and remain seated for a few minutes more. You may remove the hood or cloth and think about the symbols/images you were shown. If it's not clear what they mean now,it should become clear in the days or nights following your meditation. Pay attention to any dreams you have.
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