I N T H E S T A R L I G H T Australian Teen Talks About Being A Witch

Sixteen-year old Australian witch,Jacqui Watson,recently was asked to speak to her local newspaper about being a witch.
It began when she sent a letter to the Newcastle Herald for their opinions page. The letter was too long to print,but since it was an interesting topic,they wanted to do and article on her.
Jacqui let them know what Wicca is about;that wiccans and witches don't believe in Satan much less worship the guy.
In her own words,"We are peaceful,nature-loving folk who celebrate the seasons and aim to live in harmony with our mother earth..."
Way to go Jacqui! SV solutes you for speaking the truth about our religion.

The Rede: To Strict??
In Today's Wiccan World, alot of Teen Wiccans/Pagans as well as Elders are questioning "The Wiccan Rede". It seems to be that quite a few Wiccans today have turned the Rede into a "Strict" Law. Many wiccans are begining to act like christians, in saying that If you dont apply the rede to everything in life, you will be punished three-fold. Much like the Christians saying if you sin you will be condemed to hell. The Rede was not ment to spiritually govern wiccans, but rather to enlighten them in doing good. So when you read The Rede dont feel like you will be punished if you dont tip your waitress or hollar at a person who has upset you, just know that you have been given a good piece of advice and to apply it when with in reason. The wiccan rede say's "And It Harm None, Do As Thou Wilt". We are all human beings, this is real life and sometimes its impossible to not harm another human being because you might end up miserable in the end! An Example of this would be: Say you just started dating a guy you really like and he likes you, so you see each other for a while and fall in love. Now your good friend tells you that it hurts her to see the both of you togeather, because she has always like the man you are seeing. Well guess what she is being harmed! Are you going to break - up with the man you love because it hurts her? I seriously doubt it! So what is to be done? The Rede has been broken. Obviously "The Rede" should be applied during "Magickal" Spells and Rites and Such, If you are Wiccan. But to govern your whole life around one piece of advice isnt possible at all! The Example above is perfect, I could name 20 more to but what would be the point? I hope some of you can understand why I say The Rede is nothing more than good advice...... Of course it should be applyed and used when possible, but only when their is not a major confliction or problem at hand that will harm you as well. Blessed Be, Silver Willow Page 4
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