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Starlight Voices Mailing List

Starlight Voices Mailing List

Susanne Macdonald

Mailing:        8880 Old King's Rd. S #117W
City:   Jacksonville
State/Province: Fl
Zipcode:        32257
Country:        USA
Name:   Maverynthia
Age:    17
Gender: F
Sun:    Leo
Describe_Yourself:      Kinda shy kinda quiet and looking for a penpal correspndence
that involves common activieties and Religion, preferably of goddess worship
(ie-Wicca, Witta, Celtic...)

Lauren Email: Mailing: 27042 Littlefield Dr. City: Valencia State/Province: California Zipcode: 91354 Country: U.S.A Name: Amber Oakthorn Age: 11 Gender: f Sun: Forgot..let me check Describe_Yourself: Merry Meet, I am a solitary wiccan who I guess you would call a hereditary strega since my great great grandmother was a strega witch and lived in Italy. For those of you who do not know what stregas ares, we are Italian wiccans. My favorite holiaday is Samhain. I really am not this formal...usually I am extremley hyper. Right now, I have a headache and I am going to take some rosemarry compress...
Devin Stem Email: Mailing: 2231 Robin Dr. City: Mississauga State/Province: Ontario Zipcode: L5K 2L5 Country: Canada Name: Devin Age: 14 Gender: m Sun: Pisces Shanna Schultz Email: Mailing: 9712 Nicollet Ave. S. Apt 9 City: Bloominton State/Province: MN Zipcode: 55420 Country: USA Name: Ravenwind Age: 17 Gender: F Sun: Leo Describe_Yourself: I am going to be a senior in high school this year. I have been practicing eclectic wicca for about two years now. I am a solitary, but would really enjoy talking with other Wiccans. I love to study Wicca, read, write poetry, and I love the outdoors :)
hmmmmm *ponders* Well, obviously stuff about samhain coming up, etc......and since "halloween" is when we get all sorts of bad press, maybe some advice on dealing with misconceptions and stuffies- maybe a peice on the "portrayal of witchcraft in the media".....hmmm.....*me thinkies some more*