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"A Newsletter Dedicated to Pagan Youth Spirituality"

Starlight Voices is a newsletter for young pagans. Its purpose is to provide a safe and informational guide for young pagans to learn from and enjoy. Our goal is to provide a service that will bring about more awareness of Earth Spirituality that is in the young pagans of today.

We are an OFFLINE newsletter.

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Newsletter Topics

*Book Reviews 1-2 each issue.Topics will be on general pagan books as well as special interest.

*Polls These surveys will be conducted on-line.

*Pagan Pals List of other teen pagans who would like a pen pal. All correspondences will be sent to Starlight Voices and
then forwarded. The mail will not be read by staff members. We only act as a go-between so you don't have to give out your mailing address unnecessarily.

*Youth Speaks Will be a section where you can hear about life from another's point of view. Interviews will be featured here.

*Creative Writing This section is dedicated to reader's submission of personal writings such as poetry, essays, etc.

*Community News This is an announcement section where you can let others know about upcoming events in your area. Subjects can include anything from environmental issues to pagan gatherings.

*Question and Answer You ask a question and we'll try to answer it. Readers may also respond to the questions.

*Celebrations We will discuss some of the pagan celebrations going on or coming up at the time of the newsletter.

*Magickal Notes This section is where we will put magickal spells and/or crafts.


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