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Starlight Voices Sign-Up

Hi.Thank you for deciding to try the new newsletter for pagan youth.Please fill-out the form below completely.Make sure your mailing address is correct as we have no way of correcting it for you.Sections marked with a " * " MUST be filled out in order for you to recieve your free trial copy.Thanx again.

New Alternate Way to Sign - UP

By Phone (USA and Canada)

Call 1-877 - 585-5308 EXT 497
1-877 - 708-7845 EXT 558

(When calling listen and follow the directions given. The calls are TOLL-FREE...please mention if you are signing up for a free trial copy)

*Name (Real one): 


*Email again:
*Mailing Address:

Fill this section out ONLY if you wish to be added to the Pen Pals Section of the newsletter. Name you wish to go by: Gender (M or f): Age:
Sun Sign: Describe yourself and if you wish to be contacted by certain people (ex.Males only,Females only,people of your tradition only,a certain country,etc.): Do you any additional questions or comments?:

If you have any problems with this form send the information to