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Youth Speaks

We asked a few teens this question:
What's a common misperception you've come across in your craft? How did you deal with it?
And here are the answers we got . . .

"The one most troublesome misconception I've dealt with was that people thought I was going to curse them and fo things that happened in "The Craft". I would get emails saying things like "your a which and your going to h*ll so y dont u die" and stuff of that sort. Of course, these people are ignorant people (typically Christians) who can't spell. So I try to ignore them rather than writing them back with "fhuietyw-qghjdtayuet. That's a death curse! Ha, ha!".:)

"Well a common misperception would be from some who find out who I am, and think I am evil and curse people. The way I deal with it is explain to those who would listen that I am not evil and I do not curse people. For those who do not listen, turning the other cheek is always good. It keeps things from getting ugly."

Dove Whitewind
"The common misperception that I come across is that I'm a Satanist and that I hate Jesus. To the person or persons posing the accusations, I try to calmly explain my position, what Wicca is all about and reaffirm that I don't "hate" Jesus, I just don't believe in him as my Savior or the son of God. And if they keep at me, I say thanks anyways, and walk away. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with too much that I couldn't handle."