Raijn Female/17/Aquarius Brussels,Ontario Canada "I am looking to talk to either gender of any age from any part of the world. I am a solitary witch, but I am willing to talk to any tradition. I am very out going and will answer anyone!" Email:mythical.silence@usa.net

Darkened Relic Male/16/Libra San Carlos,California "Merry meet, I was a former Catholic,but felt drawn to the natural side of life.Interested in talking with someone who would like to speak about life and the craft and maybe even help me along... Not necessarily a teacher or mentor, but a friend. Of Irish heritage, I love to learn and be enriched with information of other crafts. Write to me if you feel inclined to do so. Merry Part ye fellow paganfolk of the world." Email:solareyes@earthlink.net

Lady Butterfly Female/15 Hebron,Indiana "Greetings... I am a one-year wiccan looking for a person of my tradition. Either gender may respond." Email:celestial15@hotmail.com

Saga Female/17/Scorpio Stord,Norway "I am almost 17 years old, eclectic solitary witch. When I'm not in school, I read or sit in front of the computer. Have been a witch for almost half a year, so I am kind of a newbie. It would be nice to be contacted by other Norwegian pagans and from the other Nordic countries (Iceland, Sweden, Denmark), but it is really all the same..." Email:siska_17@hotmail.com

Phoenix Male/13/Taurus Dublin,Ireland "Hi, Im 5"4 blond hair and brown eye's. I have been a witch for 6 months now. I love hockey, basket ball and roller blading. I would like pan pals between 13-15 but a year or two doesn't matter.I would like m/f it doesn't matter but i would like if you are a pagan or witch." Email:phoenix13@tinet.ie

Aishlin MoonWhisper Female/17/Capricorn Montijo,Portugual "*Merry Meet* My name is Aishlin MoonWhisper and I'm a 17 years old Solitary Ecletic Wiccan.I wish to know other pagans/wiccans from all around the world. Please write me :) *Blessed Be* " Email:MoonWhisper@pagans.org

Crystal WillowStarr Female/16 Sydney,Nova Scotia Canada "Hello! I'm looking for anyone who would like to keep in touch with me. I'm a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan, 5'4", 16 years old, auburn/brown hair, and brown eyes. I love to play the clarinet and I love to act. Specificly, I'm hoping to get in touch with others from around Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland) but I'd like to here from anyone who wants to take the time to say hi." Email:willowstarr@usa.net

Mya Rose Female/15/Taurus Knoxville,Tennessee "I have been practicing Wicca/Pagan for 2 summers now. I would like to chat to anyone with pointers. I have brown to black,short hair,hazel green eyes and I'm about 5'2. I like the tv show Xena:Warrior Princess; La Femme Nikita; and Er. I like L.J Smith books and have a good sense of humor." Emailtina@ivdc.com

Anahid MoonWolf SpiritDance Female/15/Aries Lebanon,Connecticut "I am not picky and do not care who my pen pal is,(as long as they are relatively nice hehe) I am bisexual so no homphobes please! I am eclectic Wiccan and have been for 4 years. I am interested in having another Wiccan pen pal. Please write!" Email:EUZE77A@prodigy.com

Adiva Female/16/Capricorn Richardson,Texas " I am a somewhat new wiccan, but I have tried to learn for about a year now. I would love to talk to Wiccan women (35 or over) and Wiccan men (30 or younger)." Email:AngelK761@aol.com

Kaitlyn Female/23/Capricorn Berryville,Virginia " I am seriously considering the path of witchcraft. I am reading all I can and trying to decide if this is the right path for me. I would love to hear from anyone, anywhere." Email:kaitlyn24@hotmail.com

Jody Female/16/Taurus Bristol,England "I am five foot eight tall, I have blonde hair and odd coloured eyes. I have been practicing witchcraft for about a year and a half and would like to hear from people with the same interest, male or female of any age." Email:binx37@hotmail.com

Brandon Carson Male/16/Scorpio La Mesa,California "I'm a 16 year old soliary living in San Diego. I've been studying Wicca for about a year now, so I guess you could say I'm eclectic. Anybody can write me, I'm not really picky. Thanks and blessed be!" Email:ovydd@msn.com

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