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Volume I Issue No.2 "A newsletter dedicated to pagan youth spirituality" Oct/Nov 1998
   Seasons' Greetings Friends,

   Welcome to our second issue of Starlight Voices.

  Please Note:The names listed in Pagan Pals were picked 
at random.If you sent in your description,your name will
be listed in upcoming issues. *Important* when writing to
anyone listed please use their name and send it in care of
L.Clark.For example: 
                     Pagan Pals Name Here
                     c/o L. Clark
                     P.O.Box 421495 
                     Los Angeles,CA 90042-0495
   If you have any comments or suggestions please feel
free to send them in to us. This newsletter is for you.

                        Moon SpiritWolf
                        Senior Editor

C e l e b r a t i o n s !

Oct. - Nov. We're in the middle of the fall season. Samhain is fast approaching with its creative/destructive energies. Samhain (more commonly known as Halloween) is the third and final harvest festival. November 1 is the beginning of the Celtic New Year and most pagans still celebrate it as the end and beginning of a new year. During this time the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.That's why Halloween is so well known for the faeries and other mystical creatures that roam about. This is a time for working to manifest our dreams; to destroy negative limitations and start anew. Divination and honoring the dead are also common practices this season. In the southern hemisphere,pagans are celebrating Beltane which is a fertility holiday.Witches dance to symbolically nourish plant life.Spring is at its peak. Union and love between the Goddess and God.The last stop on the road to summer.

Inside this Issue . . .

F E A T U R E S pg.# Ancestors: Honoring Them by M/SR 2 The Dark Lord and Lady by Moon SpiritWolf 2 The Rede: Too Strict? by Silver Willow 3 D E P A R T M E N T S/C O L U M N S Youth Speaks 3 In the Starlight 3 Question and Answer 3 Starlight Review 4 Poll 4 Creative Writing 4 Magickal Notes 4 Pagan Pals 5 Community News 5 A Look Ahead 5
  • Days of Remembrance Oct.20 Festival of Ancestors Oct.29 Feast of the dead Oct.30 Angelitos (Mexican) (In remembrance of children who've died) Oct.31 Samhain -Nov.1 Festival of the Dead November in honor of Kali Nov.1 Celtic New Year Nov.6 Birthday of Tiamat Nov.13 Festival of Jupiter Nov.16 Night of Hecate Nov.21 Feast of Hathor Day of Cailleach Page 2